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Requiring sources for "tacit culture" and "common knowledge"

I have occasionally run into an issue where I am writing either a question or (more rarely) an answer and I haven't had any decent sources on hand, because I had viewed the elements of the question as ...
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Answers - When is a source required?

Disclaimer: Sources are extremely important in Judaism, as (almost) every Halacha, or Minhag (custom) has a clear source. Additionally, Judaism places sources and tradition so high, that it is ...
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I don't think we're explaining sourcing properly to new users

A lot of opinion follows: Here at Mi.Yodeya, we place a strong emphasis on sourced questions and answers. New users, who are unfamiliar with this, often ask unsourced but otherwise decent questions (...
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Why comments and not answers?

Why is it that so many people leave answers in the "comments" section, as opposed to the "answer" section? (You may leave your answer in either section 😉)
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how to deal with "Does this exist?" when it doesn't

When question's ask if something exists, and it doesn't - but that's really hard to prove 100% - how does one answer them? For example, Is there a list of every vessel used in the Beit HaMikdash? - ...
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FAQ post request: "Am I required to cite sources?"

I propose that we add an official faq post that makes it clear when, in answer posts and also in question posts, sources are required (meaning that we may close/delete if they're missing) and when ...
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Answers that say "I asked my Rabbi and he said..."

Given that this website is not intended for issuing halachic decisions, are answers that offer no source other than "I asked my Rabbi and he said..." valid answers? What your personal rabbi tells you,...
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Average number of comments per post: Mi Yodeya vs the rest of the Stack Exchange Network

[Thanks to msh210 for telling me how to make these calculations.1] I checked the average comments per post of the top 8 Stack Exchange Sites, to compare to Mi Yodeya: Stack Overflow 89,126,736 ...
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Writing a clearer answer than an existing one

If an answer is written in such a way that it is comprehensible, but could be written more clearly, what is the correct course of action for another user? Edit the answer to make it more clear Leave ...
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Is it a virtue to keep questions/answers succinct?

Without citing specific examples, I've encountered questions and answers (comments, personally, are less bothersome) that are convoluted or incredibly lengthy (where the length does not provide ...
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Another "bully overflow"

Yeah I know downvote downvote downvotes. But rep doesn't count here. Far from the Jewish spirit of welcoming in new people, guests, etc. you are bullying people with your downvote tactics. Where is ...
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How to close/answer a question based on a mistake?

As a general, how should one answer questions that are based on printing mistakes? E.g. Questions like this - should they be: Answered: Your Siddur is wrong. How would one prove this? How much ...
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Is youtube a source?

I just came across the following dialogue (in this post): Source for that assertion? – IsraelReader Not an assertion. See YouTube: Christianity vs. Atheism: Rabbi Tovia Singer Explores the ...
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Adding titles to user names

I've been wondering recently, whether MY should allow or discourage using different Jewish titles in usernames, in particular rabbi and similar. As on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, it gives ...
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Plagiarism policy?

Does Mi Yodeya have a standing plagiarism policy? For example most of this answer, including the material out of the blockquote, is lifted from a letter by English-American revolutionary Thomas Paine ...
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