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Design for Judaism.SE

I occasionally search for "Judaism" across all SE chat sites, and I just discovered this comment from Jin Yang, SE's resident designer: yeah i'm designing the music and judaism sites now i ...
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Lists of in- and out-of-scope topics for the FAQ

Many other SE sites have, in their FAQ, right below the scope line, a list of topics considered in-scope and sometimes also a list of topics considered out-of-scope. For example, the beginning of ...
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What should our scope text be?

(This is a spin-off of this question which was probably too broad.) The beginning of our FAQ currently reads (bolding mine): What kind of questions can I ask here? Jewish Life and Learning - Stack ...
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How can we encourage people to link to content here?

If you track our stats on Area51, you'll see that our percent answered and answer ratio are both, B"H, in good shape, and our questions per day is in a decent place and rising steadily. However, our ...
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What's Our Elevator Pitch?

Reading this blog post: Tell us what your community is about in one brief sentence! So what's our one-liner?
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What should our FAQ material contain? / How should we describe the scope of this site?

What should go in the FAQ material for this new site? It turns out that on the FAQ page itself, only the part at the top that describes the scope (under "What kind of questions can I ask here?&...