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Askers should see their answers' vote counts

Question authors should be able to see the count of upvotes and downvotes on answers to their questions in order to better evaluate the answers: an answer with 100 upvotes and 100 downvotes is ...
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Notification when an answer to your question is edited

I've noticed that as the question author you get notifications if there is a new answer, but not if an existing answer is edited. That doesn't seem right, as often edits are worth seeing, and as the ...
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Low-rep bounty-setters should be able to comment on answers

Someone with insufficient reputation to comment should nonetheless be able to comment on answers to a (not closed) question he set a bounty on. This would allow him to seek clarification of answers.
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What to do with an answer that's part-right, part-wrong?

Consider this recent answer about dealing with smoke detectors making annoying noise on Shabbat. In it, the answerer, coming from a point-of-view outside traditional Judaism but knowledgeable and ...
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New answers to old related questions

Tosfos Within the Same Mesechta Who is the voice of Tosafoth? Tosfos vs Tosfos HaRosh The above 3 questions relate to the history of the printing and editing of the Tosaphos collections. This page, ...
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Are answer posts of the form "your answer isn't..." okay?

One of the questions on Mi Yodeya is: I remember hearing that Rachel Imeinu was buried in kever Rachel, but was only there for one night and then she went to Mearas Hamachpaila. I can't ...
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Why no answer tags?

More often than not, the key information related to a topic of discussion is in the answers, not in the question. So why is there no option to tag based on the answers, or even separate tagging for ...
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