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Summarizing Sources as answers

In this answer on Meta.Islam.SE, Caleb essentially suggests that summarizing the response of another scholar is an inappropriate answer for a SE question. He says If you can actually research the ...
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How do we deal with Kabbalah mysteries as answers?

After recently asking for an explanation on a certain custom, I was given an answer that was garbed in kabbalistic language. Not being a kabbalist myself (nor would I suspect most readers), I asked ...
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Using Christian interpretations in answers

This question as inspired by the comments to my answer here. (See also my answer here.) Is is proper, in the context of this site, to use Christian or other non-Jewish sources (for example, secular ...
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Low-rep bounty-setters should be able to comment on answers

Someone with insufficient reputation to comment should nonetheless be able to comment on answers to a (not closed) question he set a bounty on. This would allow him to seek clarification of answers.
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Several answers to single question; one answer or split into separate answers

Since there are "Shivi'im Panim LeTorah" (70 faces to Torah), often there may be several answers to the same question. This is often the case when someone asks for the reason for a custom, or to ...
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Editing without bringing question up

Is there a way to edit a question or answer without bringing it to the top of the list of questions? Sometimes I notice that I made a mistake in a question or answer (spelling, etc.) but don't fix it ...
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Askers should see their answers' vote counts

Question authors should be able to see the count of upvotes and downvotes on answers to their questions in order to better evaluate the answers: an answer with 100 upvotes and 100 downvotes is ...
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Do we need something in between an answer and a comment?

Take a look at this question. I submitted an answer. Shalom then submitted an interesting, relevant, additional point, that was meant to enhance my answer. Someone commented that his answer was not ...
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Better to post an answer with no source, or not to post at all?

Sometimes I read a new question, and I want to provide an answer, but I don't have the time at that moment to find the appropriate source citations. Then, I will receive comments in my answer asking ...
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What to do with now irrelevant answers?

I asked a question and wasn't sufficiently clear as to what kind of answers I was looking for. This resulted in several answers that didn't really address what I wanted at all. I edited my question to ...
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Linking to specific answers or comments

How do I give someone a link to a specific answer or comment? I know I can, but the only way I can do it now is to go to my user's recent activity and grab the link from there. Is there an easier way?...
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Crediting an answer previously posted by another

How should we relate to an answer where that answer has already been given by a previous poster with the same or greater detail? I assume this happens because the poster failed to read previously ...
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How much of an external article is it fair to quote?

The issue recently came up in some comments about how much of an external article it is fair to quote. I noticed some answers paste very long responses from elsewhere on the web, but this seems unfair ...
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How should I cite an answer elsewhere?

Sometimes a Web page off-site — or a passage in a book, for that matter — answers a question perfectly. How should I refer to or quote that external source as my answer?
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