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Can questions be asked that might challenge belief?

I was a bit surprised to find a question such as: "Are there any holes in the Kuzari argument for the transmission of Torah from Sinai?" because it seems to be asking for heresy. In actuality, it isn'...
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Discussion on specific question of an adult nature

Per Monica's invitation, how should this question be viewed, in light of this policy as decided here? Specifically, for the link weary, a question about מעשה חידודים (to use the Talmudic terminology),...
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Closing back-doors to deleted content for halachic reasons

This question has been deleted, but is still available through a click in a comment. Furthermore, the closed question puts attention (first link) to content who's author deleted it on halachic grounds....
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Are any questions out of bounds?

Are there any questions that are out of bounds because of Tzeni'uth or just an "ick" factor that might elicit inappropriate responses (of the anti-religious sort)?
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Should we censor the term "goy" when used in English to mean "gentile"?

The word "goy", used in an English context, can mean: "Gentile" - colloquially and innocuously "Gentile" - as a disparaging slur (It can also mean "Nation" generically and innocuously in a Hebrew ...
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3 answers

Restrict ads based on their content or the content of their linked-to pages?

After some discussion, we have established as site policy the following: Please respect that in the Jewish tradition certain questions, especially certain questions relating to sexuality, are ...
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What (if anything) should we do about offensive posts that show up on Shabbat/Yom Tov?

Avraham Yitzchak has a good point in a comment here that we are talking about advertising our site in Jewish venues, yet we are from time to time plagued by offensive questions (e.g. the Baal and ...
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19 votes
4 answers

How modest should this site be?

(Inspired by this recent question and by past experience on mi.yodeya, such as under the tznius-modesty tag.) Do we need rules, explicit or otherwise, for what sort of adult-oriented content we'll ...
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