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Old Unregistered Users

Why some unregistered users (from the M.Y. 1.0) do not have a user page, while others do?
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Disappearing users and the consequences

I noticed that I lost 20 points recently and when I went to look, the screen read something to the effect of "user removed". I am just wondering what happens if a person earns a badge based on ...
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Who are these users?

There is a user here who is labeled as "Aaron1". I assume he was here before the migration which is why he doesn't appear like a normal user (he was normal before migration ). However, there are ...
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How can I delete my account? [duplicate]

I inadvertently created an account at this StackExchange site but am not going to be using it, and I like to keep my StackExchange account as clean as possible, so I'd like to delete it. I have not ...
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(How) Can I find questions/answers from users who have removed their accounts?

When a user deletes her/his account the questions and answers they posted remain but the username is removed and replaced with user#XYZ. When I put a one of those user 'names' in the site search I get ...
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Rating of Users

User #2 is IsaacMoses. Why are numbers such as 1, 4, 6, and 8 missing? Perhaps IsaacMoses is the #2. Low numbers should be in high demand. Can't users request to switch to the lower numbers to save ...
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