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Should I delete my answer? [duplicate]

I recently answered a question, and as I posted the answer I realised someone else had "beat me to the punch" and had posted (almost exactly) the same answer as I was wording mine. What's ...
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The culture of erasing

It's seems that erasing answers/comments (maybe even questions?) is a common practice here on MY. Personally I don't like this culture. I KNOW that some of my viewpoints will cause a few Rabbis to ...
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Can information on MiYodea be deleted without informing the author?

Many people complain that their posts are suddenly deleted without warning and without a note. While some content can be eliminated to improve the site's overall quality, it seems rude not to inform ...
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Why doesn’t a poster get notified when his post is deleted?

I’ve noticed several questions lately regarding people asking, some more politely than others, why their posts randomly disappeared: Why did my answer disappear? How do I contact the moderators here?...
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Duplicates sticking around [duplicate]

Is there a reason why questions already marked as duplicates stick around forever? Why aren't they automatically deleted after a month of inactivity or some other, similar, time-frame? Edit: I just ...
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Scope of Moderation Authority

I found the deletion of to be dictatorial in a manner that discourages me from wanting to post here. Odds are, like any other addict, I'll be back ...
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Poor quality answers from the "good old days"

Many have observed that during the early days of the site, standards were still somewhat in formation, and many older posts lack the quality that would constitute a valid answer, sometimes asking ...
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Deleting partially obsolete comments

Should comments that have been made partially obsolete (e.g., by clarifications that were requested in the comments subsequently being incorporated into the question) be subject to deletion by ...
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Should a post lacking tzenius be deleted immediately it appears?

I just now voted to delete this question which seems to me to be obviously out-of-place on this site. The Help Centre says "Please respect that in the Jewish ...
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