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Anonymity on Mi Yodeya

What is the reason to allow for anonymity in our web community? Is it so that in case one makes a mistake they do not need to be embarrassed? In real life our Sages say (Avot 2:5) us: לא הביישן לומד "...
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POLL - Especially new users: Did you notice our disclaimers?

We have a few disclaimers around the site, designed to keep people from using mi.yodeya as a source of professional rabbinic advice (pesak). There's one, in red, at the top of every page, one in the "...
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What are your favorite online forums in which Jewish links are posted?

As announced on lo.yodeya, we're going to launch into public beta on Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5770 (March 16, 2010). Basically, this means that we're going to start posting links to mi.yodeya in as many ...
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What unique value does mi.yodeya offer?

I've been soliciting private beta testers for mi.yodeya by posting discussions (without mentioning the name of the site) in a couple of Jewish LinkedIn groups. In one of these groups, FrumNetwork, ...
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