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unvoted-on comments look voted-on

Upvoted and non-upvoted comments on Mi Yodeya Meta look the same to me on mobile. For example, the following screenshot shows three comments: one by the person who took the screenshot, one he had ...
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Why are some profile pictures not showing up?

I've noticed that some pictures here on the site have not been showing up (example: my profile picture). What is the reason for this?
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5 votes
1 answer

The bottom of the Favorite button is cut off

I just noticed that the bottom of the circular "favorite this question" button is cut off, both on Mi Yodeya and Mi Yodeya Meta: This issue also applies to the Favorites section of the user ...
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Bug in the site navigation links

The main site looks like this on my system: Meta looks like: Presumably, the Unanswered link should not be under Badges. I tested on Firefox (32.0) and Chrome (30.0.1599.114) both running on 64bit ...
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Not initially displaying all comments

There is an annoying feature of the comments which I would like to see changed. When there are many comments on a question/answer, only a few of the comments are initially shown, and one needs to ...
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How do I enter an RTL answer? [duplicate]

How do I tell the website that my text should be formatted RTL? I tried wrapping the answer in <DIV dir=rtl> but that got rid of all formatting in the answer - and didn't fix the problem. It's ...
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2 answers

Right-Left text goof in new duplicate banner

We just had this question closed as a dupe and merged. Its dupe's title contains Hebrew lettering which seems to have thrown off the banner, as shown:
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