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Is it unacceptable to vote elsewhere when feeling the need to vote twice? Why?

At time users may show strong opinion of a post, and comment that they feel they would like to vote twice. Would it be appropriate to locate at random another post of this same user and give an ...
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Should an answer by the questioner be held to a different standard?

I think it is pretty obvious that we have standards for answers. Some are more serious and lead to deletion; some are less serious and only lead to downvotes. My question here is whether someone ...
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Dealing with incorrect answers

Suppose an answer is blatantly incorrect. (E.g. it quotes a Talmudic passage to answer the question, but the passage in question actually says the exact opposite.) I would assume that normally the ...
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Is there a feedback option for votes?

I was looking at an old post of mine and noticed that it received a down-vote. Is there a way to see why it was down-voted, perhaps to allow for further clarification on my part? Thanks
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Question and answer with the most upvotes

On Mi Yodeya, what is the question with The most upvotes Similarly, what is the answer with The most upvotes
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Moderators control of downvotes

I got a down vote for my question here Interfaith debates and my answer here Is God Praiseworthy? By neither place were there any negative comments, to tell me what's wrong or how I should improve. ...
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following the majority

The Drashoth Haran says that the majority has a greater probability of being right. This is true in the Sanhedrin. But what about the down-votes here in our forum? Sometimes I do not understand why ...
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2 answers

Downvoting to Promote Second Answer

Can one downvote an answer that is itself mediocre to promote the next answer? This is especially relevant on inactive questions where any difference in upvotes is mostly going to stay that way. If ...
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Down votes for duplicates

If there's a question that's been asked a lot and could've been easily found through a search of the site, but the actual question is a very good question; while it should be flagged, is it alright to ...
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Feature Request: Downvote popup to provide anonymous feedback

As a new user, I find it frustrating when I put effort into an answer and receive down votes with no explanation why. When a user flags a comment, they are given a few choices to explain why they are ...
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2 answers

Prompted for a comment on my downvote

I voted on a comment which explained why an answer was lacking. Then I voted it down. The system prompted me to leave a comment. After voting up the comment that I thought explained it, should I do ...
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If you see spam, don't just downvote - flag!

I recently saw a spam post that had a score of -6, but still hadn't been deleted. 3 spam flags knock it off the front page; 6 permanently delete it. (What are the “spam” and “rude or abusive” (...
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Should I downvote questions that I vote to close?

Many of the questions on the site that are closed as off-topic or for other reasons have negative scores. Should I be downvoting questions that I vote to close? To me, I feel like downvoting and ...
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What exactly is the policy of deleting and disassociation on this site

I have read many posts here on downvoting. My experience is that once a post is downvoted with out any comment, although there is no reason why one cannot make an extra 'button' to make an anonymous ...
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What Do I Do if Someone is Systematically Downvoting my Answers?

I hope this is the right place to post this question! I just found that, about two hours ago, eleven answers of mine were suddenly downvoted, including some from several months ago. I can only assume ...
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Losing points whenever I downvote somebody

Why is it that I lose a point every time I downvote somebody else's comment or question? I've downvoted three so far (all for good reason) and have lost three points as a result.
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Commentless downvotes

Is there a policy to encourage people to make comments when they give downvotes? Commentless downvotes do very little to improve the site. If something is wrong, you should explain what about it is ...
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