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Questions tagged [faq]

These questions and answers are official or quasi-official posts, such as policies that have been accepted by the community.

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51 votes
0 answers

Purim Torah policy - Allowed, but regulated

We pride ourselves on generating and maintaining clear, high-quality, serious questions and answers about Judaism. Once a year, though, for a couple of weeks, we also go in for something a little ... ...
30 votes
64 answers

Mi Yodeya Glossary

A glossary! This is for Judaism-related terms that come up on the main site whose meanings people may well not know. To search this glossary for (e.g.) משנה, type is:answer inquestion:581 משנה in ...
21 votes
1 answer

Can I consult Mi Yodeya as I would a rabbi?

Does Mi Yodeya offer personal guidance in response to practical questions about Jewish law or attitudes, as a rabbi would?
12 votes
1 answer

How should I cite an answer elsewhere?

Sometimes a Web page off-site — or a passage in a book, for that matter — answers a question perfectly. How should I refer to or quote that external source as my answer?
50 votes
6 answers

What are some mistakes non-Jewish people should avoid when asking questions on this site?

I am curious and have a lot of questions about Jewish people and history, but as a non-Jewish person I want to avoid treading on toes. Are there any things I should avoid when asking questions here? ...
8 votes
5 answers

Systematic list of tags

As an answer, or perhaps multiple answers, to this question, should be a hierarchy of the tags used on the main site. Here's a bare list, excluding synonyms, with * meaning the tag has been ...
8 votes
2 answers

What user scripts do we recommend for use on Mi Yodeya?

A user script is a usually-small device that you can add to your web browser to change how specific websites or all websites appear to you. It can be a way, for example, to add functionality to a site ...
15 votes
1 answer

Site policy on jargon

What is the site policy on using Hebrew terminology and other jargon in questions and answers?
10 votes
1 answer

What topics are in- and out-of-scope on Mi Yodeya?

What topics are in-scope on Mi Yodeya? Can I see some examples? What topics are out-of-scope on Mi Yodeya? Can I see some examples? Where can I discuss changing these guidelines?