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quoting questions

I want to utilize the `` sign to show an other font other font sometimes this works and sometime not see here the contrast between the last Q and the firsts. Can someone help me to master this?
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YouTube integration like Facebook feature?

Could we have better integration with YouTube so that video links can show on-site, streaming from YouTube, like Facebook statuses with automatic HTML insertion? I asked this question and think that ...
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1 vote
2 answers

SE Markdown does not create a link in posts, only comments

In a comment, [english.SE] creates a link to (see comment below). In a post (question or answer) it does not. This is the same with [ask] and other such shortcuts. That'...
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12 votes
3 answers

Syntax for linking to sources

We've discussed adding link support for citations, so that someone could type, in a question or answer, some shorthand, and the server would expand it to a link to a specific page on ...
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