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How am I supposed to interpret the "Post Feedback" tool?

On the Anonymous and Low-Rep Post Feedback Tool: How am I supposed to interpret these data? I see a bunch of labels and numbers, but I don't understand what any of the labels refer to. What is "...
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Viewing deleted question without "Moderator Tools" privilege?

Under normal circumstances, a user cannot view deleted posts without the "Moderator Tools" privilege. However, I noticed now that I can view the now deleted question to which I had previously posted (...
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Please move these comments to a chat room

This answer has more than 20 comments, and they're old enough that the mod ability to move long comment threads to chat does not work. I think the comments here are worth keeping in some form, but ...
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As a moderator, I can't tell which questions on a user's profile on Mi Yodeya are deleted

As a moderator on Mi Yodeya, I can see deleted answers on any user profile and I see all the questions, but the deleted questions are not visually distinguished. I would like to be able to see at a ...
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Nominees' Stats on Election Page

This is a screenshot of msh210's (current pro-tem moderator) nomination page for the 2012 Mi Yodeya election: As you can see, there is a listed number of helpful flags (well over 200 for msh210). ...
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Whose reputation?? (on privileges page)

The page says "Your reputation" rather than "Community's reputation".
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