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Welcoming new users

Since the beginning of mi.yodeya 1.0, I've made it my practice to welcome new users. I'd like to make it clear that while I'm happy to continue doing this whenever I get the opportunity, anyone else ...
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A beginner’s guide to MY - “How is this site different from other Judaism sites?”

This is a followup to my meta post A newbie perspective after 60 days and 90 Q&As. [...] Mi Yodeya is clearly different from other sites on the Internet (e.g., discussion forums, even other ...
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A newbie perspective after 60 days and 90 Q&As

I have now been active on MiYodeya for 60 days, asked/answered ca. 90 questions and thought I would share some newbie perspectives in the hope of being helpful to the more established users out there ...
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I don't think we're explaining sourcing properly to new users

A lot of opinion follows: Here at Mi.Yodeya, we place a strong emphasis on sourced questions and answers. New users, who are unfamiliar with this, often ask unsourced but otherwise decent questions (...
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A standard comment for new users asking psak questions

I wanted to suggest that we put forth a standard comment to put on psak questions asked by new users. The goal of the psak-close reason is, as I understand from various chat conversations, to instill ...
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What venues should we tap for users?

If we are to attract interested and interesting users from around the web, it seems advisable to get the name and link of judaism.SE to appear in strategic places. Examples might include blogs on ...
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Irritation with poor questions

If I watch television on Friday night, will I go to hell? I am mildy surprised at the quick rejection (in the social sense) of this question. The comments convey exasperation and irritation with the ...
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2 answers

Where did the current flurry of new and novice users come from?

In the last 12 hours or so there have been a bunch of questions from new users, many seemingly based on non-Jewish perspectives and/or translations. Where did they come from, and should we be doing ...
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Block new or very low reputation users from posting on Shabbat

It seems quite common here that Spam, Rude, or otherwise inappropriate posts tend to accumulate over Shabbat when most of the posters are not present. This portrays a bad image of the site to others, ...