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MiYodeya history: what sort of rabbinic guidance was given when creating the site?

Loewian made a very interesting comment below this question when he wrote I believe the generally accepted Talmudic interpretation of "Torah tziva lanu moshe morasha kehilath Yaakov" is that ...
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Old Unregistered Users

Why some unregistered users (from the M.Y. 1.0) do not have a user page, while others do?
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What's Going to Happen to mi.yodeya? [closed]

According to the blog post at, things are changing for all stackexchange sites. How will this affect mi.yodeya?
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Should I populate this site with questions?

I'm wondering if I should start asking "random" [good] questions, just so I could fill the site with wonderful knowledge for future visitors? Is this more of a Q&A site, or a potential knowledge ...
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Anonymity on Mi Yodeya

What is the reason to allow for anonymity in our web community? Is it so that in case one makes a mistake they do not need to be embarrassed? In real life our Sages say (Avot 2:5) us: לא הביישן לומד "...
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POLL - Especially new users: Did you notice our disclaimers?

We have a few disclaimers around the site, designed to keep people from using mi.yodeya as a source of professional rabbinic advice (pesak). There's one, in red, at the top of every page, one in the "...
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What unique value does mi.yodeya offer?

I've been soliciting private beta testers for mi.yodeya by posting discussions (without mentioning the name of the site) in a couple of Jewish LinkedIn groups. In one of these groups, FrumNetwork, ...
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