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Lists of questions of particular interest. Posts should add some value that simple Mi Yodeya tags don't, such as categorizing based on something other than topic, highlighting questions with particular qualities, vel sim.

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1 answer

Dec 11- 15 2015 Bar Hatorah conference, canvassing questions from others

I'll be attending this conference on Torah and Science in about two weeks. The topic space in 2015 is “Heart, Mind, Behavior and Purpose”: Conversations between Torah Wisdom and Scientific ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Catalog of sci-fi questions

We've had a bunch of questions of varying quality related to science fiction (or, more generally, speculative fiction), most or all asking how Jewish law would deal with some scenario that is either ...
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2 answers

Propriety of a Tag for "Counter-Missionary" Related Questions

We have a number of questions about interpreting passages in the T'nakh (or the like) with explicit contrast to how Christian understand such verses (or ideas) as supporting Christian belief. Does ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Future Sukkot publication: collect questions

Today in chat Isaac said, in the midst of a discussion about "how-to" questions: I think that in a future year, we should consider publishing a pamphlet and/or online summary of our Sukkot HowTos (...
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What questions on other Stack Exchange sites are of special interest to Jews?

What questions on other Stack Exchange sites are relevant to Mi Yodeya? I'm thinking of ones that might be on-topic or almost on-topic on MY (or entire tags of such questions). (But I'm not ...