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Is mediocrity encouraged?

Especially in light of the recent changes to reputation points for questions, it seems like this site encourages (via positive reputation) quantity over quality. Especially when one could receive a ...
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FAQ post request: "Am I required to cite sources?"

I propose that we add an official faq post that makes it clear when, in answer posts and also in question posts, sources are required (meaning that we may close/delete if they're missing) and when ...
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1 answer

Old questions refresh to meet new standards

This question is influenced by my question about נשים פטורות ממצוות עשה, which was suggested as a dupe of Why are women exempt from (many) time-bound mitzvot? When I saw the later question and the ...
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Should we edit questions to include relevant information that is already in the answer?

Suppose there is a question which is rather sparse on details. Perhaps some readers won't even be able to derive the question from what is posted. But some readers understand what the question is, ...
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Which search terms do we top?

I noticed today that if you search Google for Purim Torah or for "Purim Torah", our purim-torah-in-jest tag landing page is now the first result, above the Wikipedia entry. This fact indicates that ...
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Does a question post body need to have all relevant info for the question in it, or can some, or even all, of the question be in only the title?

That's my question; what do you think? Okay, that was a particularly egregious example (though not unlike some I've seen on Mi Yodeya). A more common example is when someone is asking, say, whether ...
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Is it a virtue to keep questions/answers succinct?

Without citing specific examples, I've encountered questions and answers (comments, personally, are less bothersome) that are convoluted or incredibly lengthy (where the length does not provide ...
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How can we encourage M.Y. contributors to translate sources and technical terms

When I post a question, comment or answer, I try to use "simplified" English terminology as often as I can. There are times when I am lazy or forget, admittedly, but, I believe that's a minority, in ...
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What's the biblical source that showering makes one impure?

It's "Verachatz Besaro BaMayim VeTamei Ad Haarev" :) But seriously, are questions looking for "sources" with just a question of where to find something on topic? We've had quite a few questions like ...
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"Obvious" Questions and borrowed answers

Over the last couple of days, I have put information in the comments section and I have had users indicate that I should put the information in an answer. I feel that in both cases, there was a ...
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