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The Mi Yodeya Referencer; a user-script created by HodofHod for quick and easy references to commonly cited seforim on Stack Exchange sites.

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Referencer KSA is down

I recently edited a post on the main site, adding links with the Referencer as necessary. However, when I clicked on the link to test it, I found that is ...
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RFP: Mi Yodeya Referencer Community Ad

A while back, with Hashem's help, the community came together to create the Mi Yodeya Referencer. If you're on this Meta reading this question, chances are you've heard of it. But others may not ...
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Mi Yodeya Referencer: A Syntax for Linking to Sources

Several times, the community has discussed and requested an easier way to link to sources. So recently, with the help of Hashem yisborach, and @Menachem, I threw together a quick script to do just ...
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Help us make Mi Yodeya referencer even better!

UPDATE by msh210: The contributions below have been collected by HodofHod and are being worked into the script. Do not add further contributions below. Any further suggestions for modification to the ...