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Why does Judaism.StackExchange have nearly triple as many questions as Islam.StackExchange?

StackExchange is a pretty popular site around the world. If you consider the entire StackExchange network, it is well within the world's top 50 most visited platforms. However I found it very ...
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Significance (or lack thereof) of the number of questions per user

I recently calculated the number of questions per user for all Stack Exchange sites with more than 10,000 questions. The data was taken from the main Stack Exchange page listing all the sites, and I ...
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25k site analytics are off by a day

Users with 25k rep can see site analytics. Moderators also have a (more-detailed) view of site analytics. Today I was looking at the moderator traffic graphs and saw some interesting spikes that I ...
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What are the general demographics of the site?

The interpretations and applications I've seen here have been much more strict than I am familiar with from my experience with my Jewish friends. Out of curiosity, is there any sense of what portion ...
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Are there please any statistics on users and their time zones?

I posted a new question on Friday at around 10 am British Summer Time. I wonder when the responses will start coming in. Are there please any statistics on users and their time zones? (It's not ...
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Purim torah activity compared to normal activity on the site

Related to a comment to Limited Purim Torah Questions, can we please know how many Purim Torah questions have been posted compared to the normal number of questions posted to the site in a similar ...
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2 answers

Why is the accept ratio not displayed anymore?

Why does the percentage of questions for which a user has accepted an answer not appear anymore? Is there a way to see this information?
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1 answer

Very Few Answered Questions

It seems that at 2012-03-09 15:20 we had -137% of our questions answered. That's a little less than I would have expected, considering I have answered at least one!
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3 answers

Does this site have an inherent disadvantage due to Shabbat? [closed]

Naturally many of the users of this stackexchange site are going to be observant Jews who keep the laws of Shabbat. This means that many users will not be using the site at all for one day a week. ...
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Stats updates on area51

Hi, I want to know how often are the stats on are51 page of judaism.stackexchange are updated. I have a feeling that the numbers about questions per day are not correct. Thanks.
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