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For questions relating to the Stack Exchange at large.

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4 votes
2 answers

Average number of comments per post: Mi Yodeya vs the rest of the Stack Exchange Network

[Thanks to msh210 for telling me how to make these calculations.1] I checked the average comments per post of the top 8 Stack Exchange Sites, to compare to Mi Yodeya: Stack Overflow 89,126,736 ...
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  • 49.6k
20 votes
1 answer

What questions on other Stack Exchange sites are of special interest to Jews?

What questions on other Stack Exchange sites are relevant to Mi Yodeya? I'm thinking of ones that might be on-topic or almost on-topic on MY (or entire tags of such questions). (But I'm not ...
5 votes
1 answer

What is Mi Yodeya's position on cross-posting?

Some sites on the SE network don't like cross-posting at all, while others think that it can be okay, in certain situations. What does the Mi Yodeya community think about cross-posting, where the ...
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