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Standardizing parashah tag wiki (excerpt, full description)

To maximize the usefulness of parashah tags (e.g. Bereshit, Noahh), we would like to foster discussion on what standard content each parashah tag wiki should contain in its excerpt and its full ...
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Dear @MonicaCellio, did you roll back my proposed tag wiki on purpose?

Dear @MonicaCellio, First of all, I commend you for all the questions you ask, the answers you provide, and administration work you do around here. Thank you! Much appreciated. I wonder: Did you ...
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Should we use Hebrew in tag synonyms?

There's been discussion of putting Hebrew into each post, whether for clarity or for SEO. One way to do this (at least for SEO) is to add Hebrew tag synonyms. Or if that's technically infeasible, we ...
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Daf-Yomi for its contents or for the concept?

The tag daf-yomi has been used most of the time for questions about the concept. For example: Looking for daf yomi app recommendations Preparing to learn daf yomi Yerushalmi Daf Yomi Scheduling for ...
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Notification about unapprovable suggested edit

Around here you need 20000 rep to edit tag wikis without being peer reviewed, but only 5000 rep to review them. If you are in between (like me) then you can propose edits but not approve your own. I ...
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Allow editing of site-specific tag wikis in meta

As discussed here, it would be quite useful for us to create a meaningful tag wiki for weekly-topic-challenge, but unfortunately, it seems that we actually can't edit tag wikis here on Meta; tag wikis ...
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Ideal format for tag descriptions

What is the ideal format for a tag description wiki? For example, should the short description read "questions about X" or simply "X"? (The levels of description around here can get very confusing, ...
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