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Sefardi vs Sefaradi and Sefardim vs Sefaradim

We have a pretty good policy here at Mi Yodeya where people are free to use their preferred method of transliteration as long as it's consistent with a particular nusach. But the transliterated ...
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Is it acceptable to use the Jacobean names of books, people, and places?

When posting on Mi Yodeya, I tend to use the names that have been passed down in English from King James' translation, many of which were influenced by the Septuagint/LXX. For example, I say Noah ...
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phonetic hebrew how to build a rational consensus?

I know that the following may show strange. The phonetic hebrew for a specific language may change. We vrite it differently in French, in English or in Italian. Many point interest me. the "ת" and ...
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Unusual Transliteration Scheme

The Mi Yodeya user MoriDoweedhYaa3qob uses an unusual system for writing Hebrew in a Western character set. I do not think it is the IPA. I cannot describe the whole system, but it differs from more ...
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Make parsha tags consistent

I know questions about consistency in the tags have already been raised, but I wish to raise the question about one particular set of tags - the parsha tags. The main problems in this area are: a) ...
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Transliteration schemes explained

As far as I understand it, there are many ways of transliterating Hebrew for native English speakers. Since Mi Yodeya is an English-based site, we use many different ones. What are different ...
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Inconsistent spelling of tags [duplicate]

I noticed that some of the tags that are made up using transliterated Hebrew words are not spelled consistently. For example, some of the tags in the general category of "hasidut" are spelled with an "...
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Contributors with a lack of knowledge

I have had a great experience on Mi Yodeya in general, but I have noticed that certain aspects of the site/community can be discouraging to contributors with a lack of Jewish knowledge. For example: ...
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What transliteration or anglicisation should we use for Hebrew words?

What transliteration or anglicisation should we use for Hebrew words? Sometimes words are in the dictionary and have accepted spellings. Other times Hebrew words (names especially) have English ...
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Capitalizing Translitirations

In relation to making transliterated words findable I have a habit of capitalizing when I transliterate from Hebrew. Is this something to be encouraged?
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Unified transliteration convention for tags

I know there is no official transliteration scheme for questions and answers, but I noticed we are inconsistent in our tags. Consider the tags shabbat and tzitzis. Now it's true that shabbos and ...
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Guidelines for Hebrew Use

Several questions related to using Hebrew: May I write בעברית? (Ie, using Hebrew script?) How about quotes? Should I translate all non-obvious Hebrew words, even those transliterated in to English, ...
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