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@mi_yodeya is people!

The Twitter feed @mi_yodeya is now entirely human-run. We want to use it to promote Mi Yodeya content to a wider audience, using our God-given human intelligence to pick out material that's likely to ...
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(How) should we re-purpose the mi_yodeya Twitter account to make it more interesting?

This post has been largely superseded by this announcement. However, if you have new ideas for what we should do with the Twitter feed, please do post answers here. There are currently two Twitter ...
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Circular redirection in tweet link

I clicked here on tweeter link of MY and got circularly redirected among two sites!/StackJudaism and Same happens for many (most?) of other sites. ...
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How do we get more twitter followers?

Our twitter following is anemic, how can we increase it and thereby increase our visibility? Also, I think it is confusing that we have 2 twitter accounts Mi_Yodeya (currently with 126 followers) and ...
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What is the difference between twitter accounts?

What is the difference between!/StackJudaism/ and!/mi_yodeya?
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tweets of meta questions

@StackJudaism, the Twitter account that (I think automatically) tweets news from [main], also tweets (at least some) meta questions. I assume this is an error (hence my tagging this question bug); if ...
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