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1 answer

Is it unacceptable to vote elsewhere when feeling the need to vote twice? Why?

At time users may show strong opinion of a post, and comment that they feel they would like to vote twice. Would it be appropriate to locate at random another post of this same user and give an ...
10 votes
1 answer

Why did posts used to get more upvotes?

I noticed that many older posts used to receive dozens of upvotes. (I’m pretty sure it’s rare to see a post with more than twenty votes nowadays, I think Alex’s Shulchan Aruch count was the last one.) ...
0 votes
1 answer

Question and answer with the most upvotes

On Mi Yodeya, what is the question with The most upvotes Similarly, what is the answer with The most upvotes
-3 votes
1 answer

Two accounts; up voting from one to another

I have to accounts on this site( from two different addresses of course) ; am I able to use one to up vote the others Q's or A's
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2 answers

Can an OP request that earned points be deducted?

I recently deleted my answer to this question because I was proven wrong. Meanwhile, I earned upvotes. Is there a way to get these votes deducted, as I feel that I did not deserve them?
6 votes
1 answer

Multiple upvotes on a single question

Is there anything wrong with upvoting all of the answers to a single question? I realized that I've done this several times already, because I liked all of the answers. On the one hand, אלו ואלו, ...