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Locked Out & Confused!

I recently got locked out of my Mi Yodeya account - Shalom L'olam! I created this new account to ask this question. I tried Mi Yodeya Exchange - but you need a 5 reputation to ask on that site & ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Inappropriate user images

What is MY's official policy regarding inappropriate images (such as pornography, gruesome/violent imagery) not just in the content of the question, but as the user photo (other potential examples: a ...
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1 answer

Two accounts; up voting from one to another

I have to accounts on this site( from two different addresses of course) ; am I able to use one to up vote the others Q's or A's
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4 votes
1 answer

Standard comment for users who likely need to be merged

When a new user account shows up, and it looks very similar to an existing user account, it would be nice to leave a comment saying something like "Are you this other user? If so, here's what you ...
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2 answers

How To Close an Account

Is there a way That I can close my account? I just didn't find my place here and therefore I'd like to leave.
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0 answers

UserName when signing up

Why is it that when you sign up for this site you do not put in your username only when you sign up and it becomes UserXXXXX can you go on your profile and change it. I feel like it would be eaiser ...
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1 answer

I recently returned after a while and found my user profile changed

I finally got back to perusing Mi Yodeya after a "vacation"... when I looked at my profile, it looks like my Facebook page picture replaced the colored splotch, and my full name and email was on there....
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1 answer

Having issues with my StackExchange login

I didn't think my StackExchange user (the one I use for chat) had a different login than my mi.yodeya user. It's always been pretty seamless navigating between the two. Well, I just reinstalled my ...
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0 votes
1 answer

What exactly is the policy of deleting and disassociation on this site

I have read many posts here on downvoting. My experience is that once a post is downvoted with out any comment, although there is no reason why one cannot make an extra 'button' to make an anonymous ...
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-10 votes
2 answers

Rating of Users

User #2 is IsaacMoses. Why are numbers such as 1, 4, 6, and 8 missing? Perhaps IsaacMoses is the #2. Low numbers should be in high demand. Can't users request to switch to the lower numbers to save ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Old Unregistered Users

Why some unregistered users (from the M.Y. 1.0) do not have a user page, while others do?
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3 votes
1 answer

Area51 account not showing up in my accounts tab

My Area51 account is not currently showing up on my accounts list here (nor on English.SE). I noticed this Friday afternoon here (but not on English.SE) and figured it was a passing glitch, but ...
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2 votes
1 answer

OpenID Is Different on This Site

Is it just me, or is it impossible to edit an openid or add an "alt. OpenID" on the new site? Any way to change it so we become more like stackoverflow, which already has both features? Update: I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Migration of users with email/password accounts [closed]

I got an email from a mi.yodeya user (Dave) who says that he can't access his account here. He registered it on mi.yodeya using the email/password method. Is there a general issue for such accounts?
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