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##Table of Contents

Introduction - What questions from the Passover Seder do people really want answers to?

The Seder -

         How can I make an engaging seder?

         What do the haggadah section titles mean and where do they come from?

קְעָרָה / The Seder Plate — The beitzah for the seder plate

קַדֵּשׁ / Kadesh—

         Why do we link Shabbat with the Exodus from Egypt?

         Nozir and the four cups of wine

וּרְחַץ / Urechatz — Does everybody wash?

מַגִּיד / Magid —

         "עֲבָדִים הָיִינוּ ..." / "We were slaves ..." — "If God had not delivered us from Egypt we would still be slaves"? Really?

         "אַרְבָּעָה בָנִים" / "Four sons" —

                  Why is the wicked son sanctioned for doing what the wise son does?

                  How do we know the wicked son would not have been redeemed?

         "יָכוֹל מֵרֹאשׁ חֹדֶשׁ ..." / "Perhaps, from Rosh Chodesh ..." — Why are the commandments for Rosh Chodesh and Passover in the same paragraph?

         "וְגַם אֶת הַגּוֹי אֲשֶׁר יַעֲבֹדוּ דָּן אָנֹכִי ..." / "And also the nation that they will serve - I will judge ..." — Did hardening Paro's heart mean he wasn't really responsible?

         "בְּיָד חֲזָקָה - זוֹ הַדֶּבֶר" / "With an outstretched hand - this is the pestilence" — What animals were killed by hail, if they were all already dead from pestilence?

         "... אֵלּוּ עֶשֶׂר מַכּוֹת" / "These are ten plagues ..." —

                  "Moshe cried out" - really?

                  What was the Arov?

         "בְּמִצְרַיִם לָקוּ חֲמִשִּׁים מַכּוֹת ..." / "In Egypt, they were struck with 50 plagues ..." — What were the 300 plagues of the Exodus?

         דַּיֵּנוּ / Dayenu —

                  Where did the Egyptians get the wealth they brought to the sea?

                  How would Har Sinai without the Torah have been enough?

רָחְצָה / Rochtza — What is the source of netilat yadayim before eating bread?

מוֹצִיא־מַצָּה / Motzi-Matza — Why do we say Pesach seder brachot both nights?

כּוֹרֵךְ / Korech — Why do we quote the pasuk from Pesach Sheni for Korech?

צָפוּן / Tzafun — Why is there Pesach Sheini - The Second Passover?

בָּרֵךְ / Barech —

         How do we understand "I never saw a tzaddik be abandoned…"?

         How can we drink wine after the Afikomen?

         What do you do with Kos Shel Eliyahu?

הַלֵּל / Hallel — Are you supposed to do the responsive parts of Hallel at the Seder?

נִרְצָה / Nirtza —

         How do I get myself to yearn for moshiach if I'm comfortable in the diaspora?

         Why do we sing "Echad Mi Yodeya"?

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