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A related question came up some time ago about the difficulty of earning Enthusiast and Fanatic (for consecutive days of site activity) in a Shabbat-observant community. At the time a community manager answered thus: You're right. If we were designing this system specifically for a Jewish community, we probably would not implement the Fanatic and ...


The badge text is "Actively participated in the private beta." Mi Yodeya never had a private beta phase. There was no need, since the point of a community's private beta is " a 'probationary' basis to see if people will use it," and Mi Yodeya (actually Judaism.Stackexchange then) was founded on the pre-existing mi.yodeya community from the Stackexchange 1.0 ...


Certain gold badges do give you more abilities. If you have a gold badge in a tag, and a question is asked with that tag as one of the original tags, you can mark it as a duplicate with a single vote. The theory behind it is, if you've got a gold badge in a particular tag, you know the content well within that tag and are likely to know where things have ...


Here are two queries on SEDE you can use: Users with most badges Users with most badges of a certain name, which you can run for BadgeName = "Enlightened" or "Nice Question"


I see all three on your profile: Sometimes new badges take a while to show up, but old badges should never disappear. (Except for tag badges, if you drop below the minimum score or number of posts.)


Found the answer: according to the badge description on Meta SE, tag badges require a minimum of 100 questions on the tag. how-to currently has 80.


Reputation is for contributing content that others find useful. Mostly this comes from good questions and answers; it can also come from edits that get approved, and on rare occasions somebody values an answer so much that he awards an extra bounty. Badges are lightweight. Some recognize achievements for which you've already earned reputation -- ...


When I reached that point with no badge I wondered the same thing and took a closer look. I suspect that, like me, you've improved some suggested edits during reviews. The badge description says 100 "approved or rejected" edits; apparently improvements don't count. Whether that's intended behavior I don't know, but I later got to 100 approvals+rejections ...


Some badges cannot (or cannot easily) be awarded on meta. This is known and by design. We always intentionally kept all badges listed, because it's a discovery mechanism. This goes back to the beta badge on graduated sites as well.

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