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This should be fixed now, it will be live after our next production build.


Add &rlm to the end of a line, with a ; to close the command. For instance: שלום עליכם.‏ שלום עליכם.‏ Thanks, msh210, for teaching me.


My bad - a fix will be pushed out in the next build, > rev 2013.2.21.516.


Note that comments are not meant to include dialogue. Please see (the entire page is worth a read). So the reason you give for your feature request is one that doesn't match the way the site is meant to work.


A solution would be to insert a left-to-right mark (U+200E) before <span class="question-originals-answer-count">. This probably should be done systemwide, not just on Mi Yodeya, because of the possibility of right-to-left characters elsewhere.

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