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Sorry about that. The notice on the main site is manually configured and stored in a different spot from posts, so while we did automatically rewrite links in posts, it got missed. Fixed it up now, so it should point to the correct domain going forward. Also updated the meta post quoting the message since it was using a relative-protocol link and those were ...


All questions which could be pertinent should have a disclaimer attached to the bottom. Possible wording, open to suggestions on improving it: This question deals with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please speak with your doctor and Rabbi before following any advice discussed here.


Mi Yodeya's faq includes a set of guidelines for citing others' work, including the following points: Even more helpful would be to also summarize, in your own words, what the external material says. This helps people get an idea of the answer you're presenting, and also helps them decide whether to follow your reference. If there are parts of the external ...


No disclaimer is needed. We already have one in the top-right of the main site, and that's sufficient to let users know that they shouldn't be coming here for practical advice. Our regular RFP rules are enough; we don't need anything more aggressive, even under the circumstances.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible