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The other answers suggest reopening as soon as possible given the content of the question (either because those are the rules or because there is no longer the appearance of approving of Psak questions), reopening when the risk of Psak giving is clearly mitigated erring in closure, and never reopening. I'll suggest something in the middle. Reopen when a) ...


It's 3000. See: If you have at least 15 points then you can flag the post for close/reopen review.


Now that you've edited it, it should automatically enter the reopen review queue for people to look at. It is then up to reviewers to decide if they want to vote to reopen (VTRO). People (with at least 3k reputation) can also VTRO directly from the question, if they come across it.


We should evaluate questions based on their current state. If a question were asked theoretically in the first place, would we be concerned about the author's motives? Demonstrably not, or we'd close many more questions on this site. Some of them are asked out of intellectual curiosity or as frames to get to an underlying point of halacha. Judging from ...


The current version of the example question is still not a good fit for Mi Yodeya. The edits made the question less intelligible than it was to begin with, and still left us with a complex story that may implicate a few distinct questions of Halacha, along with many extraneous details. In situations like this one, I think the question should be further ...


To add to, not supplant, Scimonster's excellent answer: You can comment on the question with an @-ping for whoever closed the question to draw the revision thereof to his or her attention. This may be rude if the question was closed by votes (after all, it was closed by random passersby or a queue, so let it be reopened thereby also), but I think is wholly ...


This was one of several unfortunate oversights that we made when we tweaked the criteria for posts to find their way into the queue. It's been fixed, sorry about the noise :)

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