The spelling "נוסחאות" appears many times on the Mi-Yodeya-beloved HebrewBooks site — many more times than "נוסחות" does. (It also happens to be the plural I'm familiar with.) I think we should leave the tag as it, though map a synonym to it from nusachot if there isn't one already. Also not sure it justifies a question on meta but don't know how ...


I agree that it should be split, but blessing has always been used to mean "making a bracha", that changing it would be way too disorienting. Let's make it either blessing-people or giving-blessings (or both). I actually thought of this before reading the comments here... baruch shekivanti. To me, "blessing" is so tied to "b'racha" as "the thing I say", ...


If we need to split them up, which I don't think we do, let's use verbs to clarify - giving-blessings and making-blessings-brachos. I'd keep the brachos on the second since it's by far the more common use case. However, I honestly don't think we really need to split them up.


What would such a tag add which isn't already covered by the single word search term "eclipse"? Without a description of such an addition, I'd oppose such a tag.


Many of the linked questions don't have anything to do with a capella music, in particular. For example, in the first set of six example questions, the first four are all about music in general, and only the last two are about vocal music, specifically. Therefore, I do not think that this whole class of questions should be tagged a-capella, as that would be ...

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