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In the search bar include user:9215 to get all of your posts, or anyone else's user number to get their posts. You can also user user:me if you don't remember your own user number. See this help page for more search tips:


Try searching for: closed:yes You can see more search tips here.


I recently asked this on Meta.SE, and it was answered by one of their mods over there. I’m really not sure why I didn’t post this sooner, but here it is. This is actually by design. The whole point of seeing deleted posts isn't really to ensure that the delete feature is being used correctly, so much as it gives high-reputation users the opportunity to find ...


This is a real issue. Tags help to some extent. I guess however that it is a very MY-specific issue as most other sites use English (or another language but without the Hebrew-English transliteration issue). Since StackExchange (which runs MY) has many other sites to worry about, I doubt they will provide a MY-specific function which is not trivial. But ...


The on-site search doesn't support searching for posts from deleted users, but you can use this SEDE query to find all posts from any user name. Note that that query uses name, not user number, so you have to formulate the parameter as "user####" rather than "####" and (I assume; didn't test) if you search for a name used by more than one user, you'd get ...


At 10k, you can access "Moderator Tools" which includes a list of recently closed questions, and questions that include recent close votes.


The help center includes tips on searching. But it's also oft-said that the "possible duplicates" list when you get after typing your question title produces better results than the built-in search, and sometimes I go straight to that. In other words, I'll start to ask a question (with no intention of actually completing it) just to get to that list of ...

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