If there are tags that are closely related to the contents of the parsha ("people who asked about this also asked about..."), these should be added as tag cross-references. For example, vayera should refer to binding-of-isaac. (I expect this to be a gradual, discovery-based improvement to the tag wikis, not something we're likely to be able to compile once ...


Since occasionally we have parasha-tag-tagged questions that are about the relation between the parasha and its haftara, I suggest the wiki also mention what the haftara is and/or link to an explanation of it and/or link to the text. (I have a few comments, but am posting them as separate answers so people can up- or downvote them individually.)


I don't think the "Divrei Torah available here" link (to Aish HaTorah or anywhere) is necessary at all. While it's certainly a useful link about the parasha, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the collection of tagged posts specifically. (I have a few comments, but am posting them as separate answers so people can up- or downvote them individually.)...


Rephrasing chat input from DoubleAA and msh210 (see message 1, message 2, message 3): The excerpt should contain the chumash name in English to further broaden accessibility (e.g. Genesis rather than Bereshit). Also, the parasha name should be kept in its original transliteration scheme (per this meta question). If the parasha name is not present, it should ...


I propose we should link to Mechon Mamre's parsha pages such as this one which include the text of the prasha with the nekudot and taamim, as well as the Aramaic translation of Onkelos.


Wikipedia has a page for many parshas -haven't checked for all. But they are pretty basic, thorough summaries with some extras.


If we decide to link "Divrei Torah available here" or the like, I suggest that it be to Parshablog's list of sources (for some recent year). E.g., http://parsha.blogspot.com/2013/03/vayikra-sources-2013-edition.html. It's a fairly extensive list of resources on the parasha, though most of them are in Hebrew. (I have a few comments, but am posting them as ...


The hyphen should be an en-dash, indicating a range of values: “1:1–6:8”, not “1:1-6:8”.

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