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Madda mada, madda, maddah, maddah, made, madde, madeh, maddeh, mad, hamada, hammadda, hamadah, hammaddah Yesodey haTorah yesodei, yesode, yisodei, yisode, yisodey, yesodey, hatorah, torah, hatora, tora, yht, yt, yes, yis, De'ot deot, deos, deyos, deios, deyot, deiot, daot, daos, Talmud Torah talmud, torah, tora, tt, tal, Avodah Zarah veChukot ...


Kedusha kedusha, kdusha, kdushah Issurei Biah issurei, isurei, isure, isurey, issurey, bia, biah, biya, biyah, ib, isub, Ma'achalot Assurot maachalot, machalot, maachalos, machalos, assurot, asurot, assuros, asuros, ma, macha, maacha, Shechitah shechitah, shechita, shehita, shehitah,


Nashim nashim, noshim, Ishut ishus, eshus, Gerushin geirushin, gittin, gitin, Yibbum vChalitzah yibbum, yibum, chalitza, chalitzah, halitza, halitzah, haliza, chaliza, halizah, chalizah, halissa, Naarah Besulah naarah, nara, naara, narah, betulah, besula, bsula, bsulah, besulah Sotah sota, sotah, soda, :)


Zmanim zemanim, zmanim, zem, zm, zmn, zman, Shabbos shabbat, shabat, shabbos, shabes, shabbes, shab, sh, Eruvin eruvin, eiruvin, eruv, er, eru Shevitat Asor shvisas, shevisas, shevitat, shvitat, asor, Shevitat Yom Tov shvisas, shevisas, shevitat, shvitat, yomtov, yt, yom, tov Chometz U'Matzah chametz, hametz, hamets, hamets, chamets, chometz, ...


Ahava Kri'at Shema krias, kriat, kriyat, kriyas, shema, shma ks, krs, krsh, Tefilah u'Birkat Kohanim tefilah, tefila, tfila, tfilah, tefilla, tefillah, birkat, birkas, birchas, birchat, ubirkat, ubirkas, ubirchas, ubirchat, kohanim, cohanim, tbk, Tefillin, u'Mezuzah, v'Sefer Torah tefillin, tefilin, tfilin, mezuzah, mezuza, mzuza, mzuzah, umezuzah, ...

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