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Master list of publication project ideas
7 votes

I help run an 11th grade minyan and I sorely need a selection of Q's and A' related to practical aspects of tefilla (though I actually also need stuff on the spiritual side, but I think it would be ...

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Should we censor the term "goy" when used in English to mean "gentile"?
4 votes

personally, I'm often offended by the word "Gentile." Note from the AHD discussion of the word how its reference to non-Jews really develops from its meaning as "noble" and later, to "all from a ...

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Celebrating the 7000th Question
1 votes

I have been accused of being many things. One of the top names is "wet blanket" and this isn't just because of my crying jags or frequent enuresis. I don't look to round numbers as a cause for ...

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What's the point of posting an answer based on something that's already online?
-3 votes

My problem with this question is that it actually reflects that the hypothetical question that is being responded to is a bad question. A good question can not be answered with a link alone because... ...

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