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I'm adding underline on links to make them pop out more (only on meta). It will be live after our next production build.


Suggested edits on tag wikis get queued for <20k users. Try it :)


As noted in comments above, the same proposal has been made, and has had many, many eyes on it for quite some time, on Meta Stack Exchange. Please see there for more information and future updates. I'm posting this here just to get this question off of the list of unanswered questions here.


You're not the first person to be confused by this. Your account on meta is separate; in addition to separating your posts and comments between meta and main, it can earn different badges than you have on main. A meta account is automatically created for you the first time you visit meta. If you go to your user profile, you'll see links from main to meta ...


Yes, so-called reputation points ("rep") carry over to Meta but history, badges, and other things don't. I assume the reason is that rep isn't earned separately on Meta so it may as well carry over from Main. As to why rep isn't earned separately on Meta, I'm guessing it's because people vote on Meta depending on whether they agree with the post, and one ...


It's nonstandard to make all links have dotted underlines, and it's not the best idea. Nowadays, on the Web, a dotted underline is usually used to indicate an abbreviation; when you hover your mouse over the abbreviation, you'll see an infotip (tooltip) with its expansion. Click this link to see a page with a demo. Therefore, to avoid confusion: Dotted ...


Some badges cannot (or cannot easily) be awarded on meta. This is known and by design. We always intentionally kept all badges listed, because it's a discovery mechanism. This goes back to the beta badge on graduated sites as well.

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